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What Can a Personal Chef Do For You?

A personal chef is like having a genie in the kitchen. They do all the shopping, preparing, cooking, and cleaning and all you do is open the refrigerator pull out your meal and warm it up and sit down and eat. It’s like going out to eat every night without the need to get all dressed up and drive to the restaurant.

A personal chef will come into your home one day a week and prepare as many meals as you need–usually 5 meals a week, and either place them in your refrigerator or into your freezer. You will either remove them from the refrigerator and warm them in the microwave or oven or remove from the freezer the night before and then heat as needed.

The beauty of a personal chef is that the meals are prepared to your specifications and you know that the ingredients are fresh and nutritious. A personal chef will prepare your meals adhering to any nutritional restrictions at you or a family member may have while providing you and your family with homemade goodness and nutrition.