At Discover a Healthy You, we try to provide the best information available to help you make an informed decision about your health and lifestyle.

Classes and Workshops

Whenever possible we like meet face-to-face with our clients so that we can assist them with concerns, worries, and problems that they are having, therefore,  we offer classes and workshops throughout the year. Priced by the class or workshop.

Coaching Sessions

Sometimes it just isn’t possible to meet on a regular basis with our clients or some want more information than a class or workshop will give them, so for those individuals who are interested in changing their lifestyles, we offer coaching sessions that will walk them through the whys, hows, wherefores of making a change. This can be a time consuming process and different people need different amounts of help. For those individuals we have a sliding scale for payment as follows.

     The Whole Meal–Twelve 1 hour sessions over a 3 month period to help you work through any problems that arise. . . . . . . . $720 (20% savings)

     The Entree–Six 1 hour coaching sessions over a six week period. . . . . . . . $405 (10% savings)

     The Appetizer–Three 1 hour coaching sessions over a three week period. . . . . . . . $225.00

     Single Slice–One hour of coaching by phone or face-to-face. . . . . . . . $75.00

If you are interested in speaking with me about your interest in a plant-based lifestyle you can call me at (719) 351-7133 or fill out the following form and I will contact you.

Thank you,

Sharon Bivins

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