Cooking class at Cafe de Paris in Columbia, Maryland.

Healthy Cooking Academy

In response to an overwhelming request for cooking classes that cover a whole host of simple cooking education we have decided to open our brand-new Healthy Cooking Academy. Classes that will be offered both online and in person. We will cover topics as simple as healthy shopping to a complete 6-month long series of classes that will cover what a healthy diet is, how to shop and prepare delicious healthy foods, and the connection between your health and what you eat. I hope you will be as excited about this as we are!

Educational Programs

Programs to educate you about your health and the ways that you can take responsibility

When we get sick we often feel helpless and at the mercy of the doctor. When it is a chronic disease like heart disease, diabetes, overweight, or cancer that feeling is even worse. We often don’t know what to do and we just feel like giving up.

     Take back the reins of your health and accept responsibility by understanding the part you play in your own health. You are not a helpless bystander in your health picture, you are the leading character. Make a lifestyle change NOW, and learn what you need to do to alter your future.

     We have programs to teach you how to change your future and that of your children. Your health and the future health of your family members is in your hands. Take responsibility.

     Contact us at (719) 351-7133 or email me at to discuss ways that we can help you take back that control and return to the health that you experienced as a child.

Lifestyle Coaching

Lifestyle Coaching can make or break any attempt to make profound changes in your life.

Let’s face it–we’ve all questioned whether or not we are on the right track when we start a new diet or change our lifestyle. At Discover a Healthy You we don’t leave you t floundering around as you try to make these changes, we are right there with you-coaching you through your doubts and holding your hand as you face the tough decisions. Coaching is built into all of our programs so you can rest assured that you are making the right decision in regard to your health and your families wellbeing.


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