About Sharon Bivins

I’ve always loved learning about and teaching nutrition. Even when I was a teenager I would read Adele Davis and then get my neighbors together and teach them what I had learned. As I grew older I decided that a career in graphic design would be more lucrative so I was a designer for 31 years. During that time, I married and had three children who now have children of their own.

In 1996 my father came to live with us because he had prostate cancer with complications. The doctors had only given him about 16 to 18 months to live. During the next three years while I cared for him I really came to appreciate the effects of good nutrition. At one point, hospice considered releasing him from the program because his health was so good.

When he did pass away at the end of 1999 I decided to go back to school and get a degree in Holistic Nutrition which I received in 2004. I wanted a degree that encompasses the whole life, mind, body, and spirit issue. I love what I do and can’t think of anything that I would do differently.

In 2006 I opened Ceres’ Kitchen in Colorado Springs. Ceres’ started out as a meal prep company that provided meals for people with dietary restrictions and allergies. When the bottom fell out of the meal prep business we decided to expand our gluten-free bakery and just produce gluten-free baked goods. It was while I owned and operated Ceres’ Kitchen that I came to realize just how devastating a diagnosis of Celiac’s disease or gluten-intolerance could be, not only for the one involved, but for the entire family. It was during this time that my granddaughter was diagnosed as a Celiac.

After studying about nutrition and a healthy lifestyle for so long I have decided that a whole food plant based diet is hands-down the best diet for not only ourselves, but for the planet. In addition is one of the easiest diets for a Celiac or someone who is gluten intolerant to adhere. I would love to have the opportunity to show you how adding more fruits and vegetables to your diet can improve your health and reduce your food bill.

I am the leader of a PurePlant Nation Pod called Virginia Plant Based in the Fredericksburg Virginia area. A Pod is a loose grouping of like-minded people who help promote whole food plant based eating from a grassroots standpoint. I hope to see you at one of our meetings or events.

With that end in mind I just received my certification in Plant Based Cooking from Forks of Knives and I am looking forward to teaching my students the amazing ways that food can be more nutritious, easy, and a snap to make.

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