Paleo Anyone?

Paleo Anyone?

I’m often asked about the Paleo diet and why I don’t recommend it. The answer is easy, there is no evidence that a Paleo diet is beneficial to anyone in modern times. In fact the Paleo diet wasn’t even beneficial to our early ancestors. Early man only have an average lifespan of about 25 years. No one lived long enough to develop heart disease or cancers, in fact, no one live long enough to raise their own children.

Evidence does point to the fact that we evolved eating lots of fruits, vegetables, roots, tubers, seeds (yes, even early forms of wheat), a few grubs, and frankly very little meat. Meat was hard to catch and for the larger game hard to kill (remember, no guns).

Modern evidence points to the fact that if you want a long healthy life you need to avoid those things that can kill you. Don’t step in front of moving vehicles, avoid bailing out of airplanes without a parachute, stay away from barroom fights involving guns and eating food that causes heart disease. Take a look at Dr. Gregor’s blog on the Paleo Diet.

All kidding aside, I know that there is a lot of cookbooks and promotional material out there supporting a Paleo diet, but no creditable evidence supports the claims. Giving the Devil his due however, at least the Paleo diet does promote more vegetables and no processed foods.


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