Discover a Healthy You


It turns out that if we eat the way that promotes the best health for ourselves, we also promote the best health for the planet.”–T. Colin Campbell, PhD, author of The China Study and Whole, Rethinking the Science of Nutrition

“Discover a Healthy You is all about being healthy!”

It doesn’t matter if you are gluten intolerant, vegan or vegetarian (or just thinking about it), have Type II Diabetes, high blood pressure, want to lose a little (or a lot) of weight, or just want to improve your health. We have programs for you! I have partnered with New Pathway Coaching to bring the best programs we can possibly offer to help you deal with your health issues.

Discover a Healthy You

Healthy Cooking Academy

Our newest effort and one I am really excited about is our NEW Healthy Cooking Academy. In response to an overwhelming request for cooking classes that cover a whole host of simple cooking education we have decided to open our brand-new Healthy Cooking Academy. Starting in January we will post a roster of upcoming classes that will be offered both online and in person. We will cover topics as simple as healthy shopping to a complete 6 month long series of classes that will cover what a healthy diet is, how to shop and prepare delicious healthy foods, and the connection between your health and what you eat. I hope you will be as excited about this as I am!

 Check out our coming events to the right for workshops and classes coming to the area.